Monday, February 04, 2008

rssHugger, Just Another Feed Directory?

rssHugger Logo

In the never ending quest to promote blog and feed I've registered with rssHugger, another feed directory.
What makes this one special that I'm dedicating a whole post to it? To be honest, I'm not sure at the moment, it just looks like a feed directory like any other, you can search for topics, there is a list of the most recently added and a Top 100. Pretty standard stuff really, the only reason I'm writing a post about it at all is that is part of the registration process, you either have to pay $20 dollars to add your blog or write a post about it. I chose to write the post, at the end of the day it costs me nothing, they get another backlink and a plug.
Once I've written this post and published it, I can then go and add this blog to the directory, this then gives me my own page with links to my posts and feed subscription. I will write an update to this post once my page is up and running.

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Vladimir TNX said...

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narendra.s.v said...

yeah that site really works!

Mike Perry said...

Hope you haven't gone away again!


esofthub said...

Are you still blogging?

I haven't recently received an email of a recent post so I thought I'd visit the site.

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Richard said...

Heys, this looks like a really fantastic website. Your articles are actually pretty interesting. Oh and your site loads really fast, and that's a huge bonus!

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Jeff said...

Is there anyone who really appreciating the blog information given here. Everyone is trying to promote or selling something here. I do not believe people are still doing this splogging for few bucks.

Wade said...

For starters I suggest ditching blogger. Nothing turns me away from a site more than seeing it is hosted by blogger. For 5 bucks a month you can get hosting from 1and1. You get 2 domains free and like 25 subdomains. Tons of email accounts to give you friends and family, ftp, everything. Ditch blogger!

Your domain name imo is too long. Nobody is going to remember your domain. The header text could use a little jazzed up. Maybe a smaller font would look even better. If you can, I would recommend a graphic logo matching the header background color.

Visit kontera and read on how to control where the links are placed. You want to remove all the contextual links from everything except your main content/posts. This is done with konabody tags, which you can find more info at kontera's site.

The light blue in your header could have google adsense text links centered there to make it look like a sub nav, that may get you more clicks.

The top google ad should be wider. maybe a leaderboard size, or at least 468x60. Try banner ads instead of text.

Move your popular posts up on the right side above the fold. You have some sponsors on the left, that look like they are ppc?? That is good to have your ppc stuff above the fold, but you also want some in-depth links there too. If you move the popular posts section up above the fold, you will increase links within your site, showing visitors more of your site.

You wasted space with the small buttons like, "add to technorati favorites". Save those for the bottom or footer.

In the footer you should link back to your sites home page using your sites main keyword. Looks like you could link to your site and have it say "Make Money On The Internet". This adds authority.

For more tips, visit my site. I just recently posted on SEO. #1 though, ditch blogger, and setup wordpress!

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mxyzplk said...

I receive drop from you but... this post is 4 month ago...

Prashant said...

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Matt said...

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